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My name is Renee Mulcahy and I am so blessed to be married for over 15 years to my amazing husband and father to our three sweet daughters, originally a city girl converted to a country girl.

I do many different types of photography, but each project I take on I approach with the greatest enthusiasm and focus. Take the time to explore my writing, visuals, work samples and more. I hope you find it interesting and that it sparks something inside you.

Over the years as I have loved staying home looking after our three gorgeous girls remotely and documenting their adventures on our busy Angus Stud farm.

I have enjoyed  watching my photography evolve into an incredibly fun, exciting career!

We decided to further our daughters education and move to Warwick Qld while hubby continues to travel working our properties so our girls could still have me at home with them.​

This has broadened my weekly travels and endless wedding destinations.

I am lucky that I don’t find what I do 'work', it is such a passion I find I am living and breathing it more and more every day!

When I got into Photography I had no idea I would fall in love with the raw feelings that come out on the day and the spontaneous emotions  along with the finer details that make your day unique.

I feel I am a very natural and relaxed  photographer capturing moments that sometimes you forget even happened on your day.

Whether it is breath taking locations or intimate close ups my contemporary style of photography reflects my ability to capture unique and individual images for my clients, making sure you have memories for a life time.

See you in the sunset!


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